Batch processing stuff


Is it possible to somehow batch process certain things.
Example today i imported around 50 assets into the editor. Wigs for ground coverage in forests.
So all of these 50 wigs use the same textures and i simply created one material and than had to assign this material 50 times.
There has to be a way to automatically do this.
Also since i wanna use them in masses, they need to be foliage and not static meshes, so i need to create 50 foliage assets and assign the meshes plus name them.
Where is the button convert to foliage ? Or does unreal engine have a scripting language i haven’t found so far, where i can automate processes in the editor ?


There’s not yet, but python scripting is on the roadmap.

In your example you could have made the material first and then set the material name in the mesh to the same name and it should be set to the correct material automatically. Or used the property matrix: Property Matrix | Unreal Engine Documentation