Batch edits to uasset files?

Hi, is there currently a method for doing batch / programmatic edits to a set of binary uasset files? I just had a TD on my team have to go in by hand to fix 100+ material uassets. There has to be a way to do this properly, right?

Could I convert a binary uasset to a textual representation, edit it in a script, then build it back to a binary uasset?

Any help appreciated, it’s pretty concerning for future work to not have this ability.


Hmm, looks like the Automation system can handle that request.

If this is some standard going forward, you could write an automation task to check any loaded Material’s for the proper data, and if not, edit them and update them.

You can bulk-edit anything exposed to the details panel by selecting a bunch of assets and right-clicking and choosing “Property Matrix”. If you need to do complicated things like ‘if Foo then Set Blah to 5’, the best approach is probably to write a commandlet (an editor-only class derived from UCommandlet that can be invoked on the command line).

Michael Noland

Thanks folks. Didn’t know about the property matrix, that sounds like the ticket.

Michael as for the second suggestion, that’s cool to know that option is there for the future. Ideally down the road it would be nice to have an interface to the uasset via a language more commonly used in pipelines such as python, or C#. Cheers