Batch Edit Collision Complexity? Or change default?

I have a mesh that I’m basically using as a LOD0 Terrain for a city.

It has a few hundred different “slices” and I need to set up a “complex as simple” collision mesh for each one.

This would obviously take many many hours and since I’m still in testing the idea even I don’t want to spend hours fixing each collision mesh every time I re-import.

It SAYS there’s a project default in the editor drop down, and I’ve looked in the project settings, but I can’t find anywhere in the GUI or in the .ini files where it talks about setting the default to “complex as simple.”

Ideally I can change the default around so I can control what different things are set to when I import them.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

complex as simple option is available when U double click on the mesh then head over to the collision menu .there u get the 3 options 1. default 2. simple as complex 3.complex as simple.