Batch change assets and use real height

Hi, I work with GIS software, and use Unreal to visualize projects, or just started to :slight_smile:
I have a lot of tree points with different height information. What I’ve done so far is to use CityEngine to procedural assign FBX tree modelse, with the prober height, export/import with Datasmith, but the trees could be better looking, and are very static.
I have a couple of ways, that I can think of:

  1. Update my tree assets with quixel FBX assets, but is it then possible to create something easy that will make the leaves move in the wind?
  2. My first thought was to create cubes with the right xyz values, and then batch replace the cubes with trees in Unreal, but the trees needs to be inside the box, so they get the prober xyz size.

What would you recommend, and I would be happy for a guide or hint :wink:

It would be nice to be able to import it as static Datasmith imports, and then make them look alive in the wind, since I already assign all my PBR materials in CityEngine.