.bat file does not start at the end of the process

I turn on in the section settings “Progress End Notification” in the field “Action” - Execute a program, and in the “Command-line process” inserts a string:


File contents:

@anonymous_user_add01a93 off

I want to create a file with the date and time of creation in the title. But for some reason this does not work. My ultimate goal - to receive a notification or e-mail from a remote computer on completion of the calculation process.


you script seems OK, but please check this:

  • The execution folder is set to the application folder. You need to change the directory before creating files (add cd %~dp0),
@echo off
cd %~dp0
Please verify whether you files were created it the app folder. - Does the path to your script contain spaces? If yes, you need to enclose it into the double quotes, e.g.,
"d:\my scripts\script.bat" additional parameters

thanks for posting.


Now everything is working. The file is saved to a Dropbox folder, the folder is synchronized with the online repository Dropbox. I configured the applet IFTTT to send me a notification to my phone when a new file appears in the Dropbox folder.

Maybe there is a shorter way?