Basilosaurus Saddle that cancel out the deep sea damage?


Installed the Ark Dev Kit this morning and have been trying to make a saddle for Basilosaurus that will cancel out the deep sea damage but haven’t had any luck so far.

First I tried to make the saddle heal when equipped but could only get it to heal when in inventory of the Basilosaurus which is not good as people could just use like 20 saddles to get super healing…

Then I asked about it in the Discord channel and was aimed at the BPTimer of the Basilosaurus but didn’t get that to work either so now I am asking here, anyone that can help me with this problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:

have your saddle set a variable on the bas. then edit the Screenshot - eb9e485f4281337905c19157cfb1ff42 - Gyazo (this is the BPTimer function of bas bp) part to have a branch to check the variable and if it doesnt have the variable, then continue. else just nothing