Basics of world composition

Hi , can you guys help me out , i couldn’t get any answers where i posted jn other places. I have an 8k x 8k map that i am using the level splitter plugin on. So it will split it into maybe 9 levels (3 x 3 grids) ,and creates a split level template that i load in , then enable world composition. I have the option to split the map(actors), and the landscape itself separately . Now the map is mostly sculpted and loaded with mesh’s and actors. But i am wondering when i continue working on the map , am i working in the loaded levels? And no longer on the whole map i originally split? I mean , if i add things to the levels , will they show then on my original map? And if i am playing in editor or new editor window , do i actually test and play with character on the original map that was split? Or is that map not used anymore? When i split the map(actors/mesh’s) , it seems they go onto different maps (levels) , but it is dark , like no directional light there , not sure what happened to it. So i am new with world composition , but it is important to understand how it works and the work flow. I watched the training video for world comp and it mentions a lot of things , but not really the basic workflow. Any help? thanks

Does anyone know about this?