Basics of creating an inventory

I’ve watched many inventory tutorials but none do a good enough job of explaining the mechanics of it. I would like to know how to create a very very simple inventory of maybe 2 items or more so I can expand from there.

If you haven’t seen this tutorial already, I would highly suggest it. It doesn’t go into much depth, like how to equip something (etc), however, it does give you the basics of UMG and the general idea of creating an inventory. I used this, and expanded it to create the inventory system I have for my prototype game for class and my teacher liked it a lot! I hope this helps!

Thank you I’ll look into it.

Basics of it?

Classes needed:

The player character stores an array of ClassItem, it corresponds to the item in his inventory. When he picks up an item, you just add it to this array.

hud_Inventory is a vertical box widget in which you will create an hud_ItemSlot whenever the player picks up a new item.

The item stored has a reference to the hud_ItemSlot representing it. When the player drops it, you remove the hud_ItemSlot.