basics for setting controls and Animations

hi there creative,

iam working with Blender and UE4. My Goal right now is to make some basics work.

  1. make an exported Character move( setting a key to make it move ) …( a walking cycle right now isnt needed )
  2. ill integrate just 1 animation like lifting the arm, this one i want to be also combined with a key to make it start.
  3. the last thing i wanna make work is this lifted arm to be controlled with the mouse.
    ( pressing the key for lifting the arm AND moving the mouse should give the control of moving the arm up and down depending on the movement of the mouse up and
    down. this should work synchronous. )

What is to do to make this work? Could you give me advice and some help?

I wish I could help you however I know nothing about Blender. What is it that your final work will be? I am interested as I really like the idea of having the mouse control the arm. Thanks!