Basics drag-able skins

so new to the modding forum and ue4, have some experience in udk3 as a game artist, I just simply want to know how to add a separate cloth hat as a skin that is drag-able onto whatever piece of armor you have. From there I want to update my current running server with this item in the inventories as drops from say megaladons. Furthermore, as a learning experience, I hope this helps me add my own assets to my current server as skins too. I have plans to add in some static meshes as well for some larger stuff I want to do but I think this would be the first step, modify existing/adding instance of> add to inventories> implementing to my server non-destructively most of all.

just need a little specific start to this engine, Im hitting the tutorials too, have digital tutors btw if anyone recommends any good lessons on ue4

got the item in game just cant seem to get it to work as a skin

Hey, for a start look at the PrimalItemSkin_TrikeSkullHelmet blueprint. Compare it to your PrimalItem blueprint and you will see the differences.

Thanks works perfectly now! For some reason I couldn’t find the existing skins so thanks for the exact name of one