Basics documents and Attach methods , actor to actor / to component / to

Hi all , i really need some advices.
I am making tests using the most simple scenes and blueprints. like 1 cone and 1 skeletal mesh… and so on.
I get how use inputs , change transform, branch , how communicate between blueprints (a bit) and a couple of more things.
Now i am dying around the Attach . i cant get the basics about this. What i have missed to read?

How use the attach actor to actor to keep snapped the two on a socket ? its different if i have a static mesh(movable) or skeletal mesh? If i give a socket or not?

When i try i get every kind of weird stuff:
The cube attached go giant, (scaled about 1000) and still not snapped.
All the scene and other cubes go madness-dancing (when the two have collision on )
Look like the wrong cube get attached… and if i switch : nothing happens.
Sometimes got error , the actor is not compatible , cause its not a scenecomponent?

the worst its i cant find a good document… all i found is this … and really dont help

Thanks all!

I didn’t get if you are searching for a guide or what… But if you want a script for attach an actor to another one you just need the node “attach actorToActor”. Here is an example:

This is the blueprint script:

This is the socket:

And this is the result.

I used a cube that is too big so it’s not beautiful but yeah, it’s only an example.