Basic wheel animation

Hallo, I’m trying to design my very first project with Unreal Engine the simulation of a small R/C skid steering vehicle. The vehicle is a 4 wheeled *car *NON Ackermanm.
For several reason I need to design my own wheel roll animation.

I tried trough Blender whitout luck (bones in animated meshes where rotated abnormaly and some elements disappeared).

I tought to use Animation Composite/Animation Sequence but I found many problems:

  1. How can I define a 1 sec animation sequence? The only way to create a sequence I found is to start recording and then stop but it’s impossibile to have a precise length in this way.
  2. I tried to define a sequence for each wheel each sequence should have 4 key frames and in each key frame I tried to apply a wheel rotation of 90° degree (around Y axis) also there I had a number of issues and when I preview the animation I see the wheel rotating not on the correct axis…

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Hi, Do you have joints on the wheels?
If so you could either take your speed and apply that as a rotation to the wheel joint. Or you could make a timeline, make the timeline 1 sec, and have it go from 0 to 360. and then apply that to the rotation of the wheel.

Normally you don’t animate the wheel, you keep the object stuck in place and animate the material to give the appearance of the rotation.
there is such a sample within the content examples I believe - because it is a motion blur issue.

coincidentally, doing it this way also resolves the motion blur issues. In the default vehicle setup this isn’t the case.
I actually prefer simulating the movment up to a certain speed, then swapping out the tire mesh for the static one with the special material.

As far as animating goes bones in Blender are just displayed differently the what you are used to when bringing in an unreal Model. They still work all the same.

I fixed this creating AnimSequences and then mixing them trough a BlendSpace.

Nice solution but this assume a level of material design I have not (I’m a good mechanical designer and coder but not an artist).

I found a solution to my problems creating Anim Sequences (it has been quite a pain but it worked at the end). After that I used a **BlendSpace **to mix them the result it’s not perfect but it works.

In Blender the animation works fine I have setup the whole bone structure and animated each wheel without problems but when I import the *.fbx *file into UE4 resulting animation sequences are a complete mess, wheels are not in their places some overlaps and some disappear. It’s probably a matter of bone structure or wheel origins but I’m not that good in Blender and UE4 to fix it.

Thnx anyway.

That’s more or less what I did after many retries and error in Anim Sequences editing.

There is the Rotating Movement Component -> Movement Components | Unreal Engine Documentation

It looked promizing but unluckly ​​it doesn’t seem to be appliable to a single bone of a mesh like mine (but I can accept suggestion on how to modify my skeleton to accept such kind of transformation).

BTW the WikiPage referred at the bottom of the doc page you referred doesn’t exist anymore (as anyother Unreal wikipage) anyway I found some videos about this function.

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