Basic tutorial - Start Chess part 2

Hey, part two is ready to watch on YT.

This tutorial:

  • Enable Mouse, get cursor position
  • Comunicate with Blueprints
  • Change materials and mesh position
  • Collapse Blueprint parts to macros
  • Playable Chess Game :slight_smile:

Official website:
Tutorial forum page:

I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some feedback on this tutorial series.
Next tutorial will be about Calculator font (7 pins) and how to control all 128 states using one variable.

Cool tutorial Thanks :wink:

No problem. :slight_smile: I hope You enjoyed even if my english was very simple :slight_smile:

Fantastic tutorial, your English is very good, and you speak very clearly (and I am quite deaf and understand you easily).

The content was perfect for me and came at the perfect time as well.

You make UE seem so easy!

I’ve downloaded them both to watch over and over until I get this stuff working in my game.

Many thanks.

WOW, Thank You for so many good words. I just recorded next part so You may watch it as well.