Basic Steps to get Online Multiplayer in UDK

Hello guys!

Like the title says, what are the basic steps to get Online Multiplayer working on UDK (PC)?

I did not find a tutorial about this, only an extensive explanation (in udn) on how online multiplayer works:

I need a practical example like do so, so and so.

Thanks in advance!

Many of the base classes that you are probably already extending (PlayerController, Pawn, etc) are already setup to support multiplayer.

So the first thing you should do is attempt to run a MP game and see what’s working and what’s not.

To run a MP game, open your console and run:

start MapName?listen

This will start a listen server. Then open another instance of your game (you can run any number at the same time), and connect to the listen server with the console command:


I would recommend reading up on how UDK implements replication, and looking into the example UT game code.

Thanks man for the tips, I also found these 2 tutorials here, I will be taking a look:

As for local multiplayer with split screen I got it working perfectly on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox360. Now I just would like to add Online Multiplayer for PC in UDK.

Cheers and thanks! :cool:

For online make a shortcut of your exe from your binaries game folder to the desktop.

example target line to put in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Full-On Paintball\Binaries\Win32\FOPB.exe” server Warehouse3?dedicated=true?GameDifficulty=7?Game=Paintball.PBControlPoint?MaxPlayers=32?NUMPLAY=20 –silent LOG=DED.txt

Once you have that set to your game. Click on that shortcut and you will run a dedicated server.

As mentioned. if you have not did much replication you will find stuff that works in standalone will not work in dedicated or listen servers. As those 2 modes have clients and standalone does not.

To connect to the server you get going. From the same machine, just go into your console and type: open “your lan ip” < without the quotes

Thanks my friend. I will try and then I will publish here my results.


Nidal did you get it? do you know about batch files?

Something to remember when testing. If you are hooking up to your own dedicated server from the same machine. You will be testing client code for listen servers. what works in those test might not work on a over the network dedicated server. So you also need to test it thru the network to make sure the over the network dedicated works.

When you test multiplayer from the menu you are testing the server side as you are the server at that point. So when you test, you must test all 3 ways to make sure each is working right. Once you have tested those 3 ways you will know if it is right for your 3 modes.

hope this helps.

Hello mate, no, I did not test yet, however, already wrote down on my TODO list :cool::cool::cool:
I am polishing other details of my game to release the demo until the endo of this month.

Thanks man! I will test it, however, maybe I will let the online multiplayer for later, as I need to release a playable demo of my game until the end of March now.

Something like that you see ?

Thanks mate for the tip! :slight_smile: