Basic Starter Content questions

Hi folks and I apologize for the basic questions. I’m playing around with v4.23 using the starter content and some other free content from the marketplace. When using the First Person template and just adding some starter content I immediately run into issues… Can you provide some advice?

Issue 1) When adding the SM-Stairs from the starter content, the player just runs right through them. I assume this has to do with collision settings, but nothing I do ‘saves’. When I edit the base staticmesh, I can click on ‘collision’ on the ribbon then enable complex collision. That highlights all of the stairs with an exact level of detail, but never saves as collision.

Issue 2) I added 'Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle and also added some stairs from that kit. The player does walk up those steps but gets ‘flung’ way high in the air. Any idea what that could be?


weird. this should not happen with collusion.

About issue 1 - are you sure you checked “Use complex as simple collision” option in the mesh Collision settings? And after adding it to map check it’s collision preset if it’s a “Block all” for example and remember that without convex collision you will get no overlap functionality

about issue 2 - try running debug mode and see what happens there