Basic Shooting Sound is Too Loud

This is more like suggestion to Epic Games STAFF.
The Basic Sound of Shooting called FirstPersonTemplateWeaponFire02 is TOO Loud.
And It was like that for a long period of time.
Each Time, when I make some test within blank First Person Template, when I press Left Mouse Button to make screen as active Window, to make mouse rotation workable, it shoots… and It freaking very loud! Each Time i make a little Brick!
Please guys, I am not the only one who thinks that it is too loud. Make it not so loud in next versions of Engine.
Thank you! and Love You Guys.

Apparently no one at Epic was listening – it’s still TOO LOUD.

It sounds more like a cannon than a gun firing Nerf-type spheres.

Where do I find that? I’m using the FPS template in UE5, per Unreal Sensei’s YouTube tutorial.

(To clarify: I have not created any nodes for the sound; it comes with the template.)

(Also to clarify: I’m only doing this tutorial because it’s a prerequisite for Unreal Sensei’s Masterclass, in which I hope to learn more on how to do Architectural Visualization, not FPS games.)

Actually, nvm – I found it. Here’s the solution for those looking to lower the volume:

Open that file, and under Sound - Volume, change the value from the default 1.0 to something lower, like .25, etc.

Yep you can also do it like that. The example I showed was from 4.26, I didn’t realize it’s in a different place in 5. Here it is…

The difference between the way you have done it and the way I showed is that your one will set the sound to be quieter any time it is called if you were to add it again elsewhere in your blueprints. The way I have showed will only apply to the gun firing system which is set up by default. So if you don’t plan to use it again then it’s irrelevant which one you choose.