Basic Sequencer Questions

I’ve been playing with Sequencer over the past couple of days and have several questions. If anyone can lend a hand and help that would great.

I have one Master sequence with multiple shots.

  1. I’m running into issues with the play rate track. I’m animating it inside each shot to get a time remapped / bullet time look. When I jump back into the master sequence it will play the first time thru, but then stutter really badly the next time thru. I try to rewind and play again and its stuck at that supper slow-mo rate. It looks like this is a bug.

  2. Is there a way to auto focus or target the camera on a character. Both with the aim and with the depth of field. Right now I’m animating it my hand and every time I move the camera I have to also key the focal distance.

  3. If the depth of field is too much is gets pretty noisy. I think this is just the limitation of real-time?

  4. When I animate the camera manually, by piloting the camera to a new location and then set a key, repeat several times. The camera will often flip and rotate 180 degrees during the shot. Which is obviously not what I wanted. I’ve started animating outside of the cam and looking thru the small preview window to get around this.

  5. Is is possible to animate materials in sequencer? If i want animate the glow for example

I’m sure I’ll have several more questions over the next few days. Any help on these would be great! Thanks

I have the very same problems! And I’m struggling to find answers.
Looks like the focus is not much on Sequencer stuff. =(