Basic Questions


In the process of learning more about how to use this engine I created a building using some assets purchased, some free, and some I created . Its gotten a bit more complex and looks a hell of a lot better than I thought I’d be able. I’d like to keep this entire structure - including the furnishings, door blueprints, etc - the whole enchilada to be used on larger project when it begins in earnest. Is there a way to save the entire building with literally everything included so it can be migrated to the bigger project when ready?

Map size. The working area I used to create my building is only 200x200x200. The project I intend to start will need a much larger map. Can the dimensions of the existing work are be increased? If so, what happens to the structures, trees and mountains I created?

Thanks in advance

Yes, there is a simple way to migrate levels to other projects, just right click on your level/map in the content browser ->Asset Actions -> Migrate. This will let you export every related file that is in your level, and place it in another project’s content folder. Map size, a map is pretty much an infinite work-space, it just the sky, and you can place things wherever/however you want.

You can copy the uasset files from a project to another project or use the migration tools to do the same thing. If you made something using the brushes in the editor, then you’ll probably need to convert it to a static mesh and move it over that way, though it won’t be quite the same since you’ll need lightmap UV’s on the mesh.

You’ll want to make sure your scale is correct, 1 unit in Unreal is 1cm, so 200 units is 200cm or just two meters. I believe the max size for a level is 20km x 20km so you have a lot of room to mess with.