Basic question regarding keyboard inputs for in-game pause menu


my two issues/questions regarding my in-game pause menu are rather to the point.

. I want my in-game pause menu to be activated by pressing the ESC since this feels like the typical pause button used in games. However as you may know, Unreal has that designated for exiting PIE mode. I’ve looked through the project settings and editor preferences and have not been able to fix it. I’ve resorted to having to use TAB button at the minute, but can anyone help me to fix this?

. Secondly, whichever button I decide to use to activate my pause menu, I want to be able to have the player press the same button a second time to remove the pause menu from the screen. But I am unaware of how to go about doing this, please help.


I don’t think you can fix the first problem, at least without some greater insight into the engine - perhaps a future version will allow this to be set manually.

For your second problem, use a FlipFlop node in your blueprints, with one path activating the pause menu, and the other path deactivating it.