Basic question about Level-Blueprints

I´m new with Unreal and I´m stuck with communication between Bluerprints. As a first try, I tried to create the simplest routine I could imagine:

  • Start with a video on background (a plane in this case that works fine).
  • Then, an interface (user widget blueprint) appears when the video ends and depending on the answer given plays a video if its right, and another if its wrong. This blueprint works properly (I am able to make it print if the answer is ok or not) but I seem to be completly unable to comunicate this to the level BP where the videos should be played.
    I tried several videos and tutorials (direct comunication, BP interface, macros, event dispatcher…), but I can´t do it run properly.
    Its probably something easy to solve, but can you help me?

    f get RESPUESTA

    Thanks in advance!
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you can call a custom event witch is written in level BP from nearly any blueprint by using execute console command and inside the string input write ce and the custom event name thought

i strongly suggest you to not use level blueprint at all! better to make this an actor and make the actor public and reference there or just use the game mode where you can access it from everywhere with get game mode node see right middle your game mode override or create new and put it there GL

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I´ll try that. Hopefully I can make it work now, I´ll let you know!

Well, it´s probably my fault, but I can´t make it work…I tried to follow some tutorials about game mode and tried to avoid the level blueprint but I can´t transfer any data.
I managed to do it from another blueprint, but I´m simply unable to do it from the user widget blueprint I´m using…is there any limitation regarding the communication between the user widget blueprint and other blueprints? What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

the place you create widget you can used the return value drag it and promote to variable.

if its not this actor you want to communicate with the widget you can use get all widgets of class or get all actors of class if the actor is only one in game .
if the main problem is the communication between BP then have in mind that you start with a pawn a game controller and game mode witch you can access from every blueprint with get player pawn, get game mode, get player controller. And if you want to accesses a widget you can filter the get all widgets of class with the CALC widget you have and get a copy with index 0 though its bad practice it will work.see also casting GL

Thanks for your advice. I tried your suggestions on a first person character template and everything seems to be working now!!! I really apreciate your help!
Thanks again!