Basic question about exporting my mod!

I’m brand new to the dev kit, so I’m hoping this is an easy question. The velonasaur causes lag with its’ spines when you have too many of them. Found this issue while doing drops with 40+ of them. I loaded the dev kit, found the dino and made the spines and accompanying visual effects invisible so that they do not have to be rendered. I did this by browsing the editor for the assets and changing them how I saw fit. Done. Here is where I ran into issues, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to export these changes in a nice little mod package. I see tutorials on how to make new dinos, and add them to a mod folder, but not any on how to modify dino assets already in the editor and save those changes. It is crucial to edit and save these changes as opposed to making a new variant because I need all the dinos I already have to be updated with the new assets, making the spines when shooting invisible.