Basic Plugin Tutorial / Source Included

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up and out, been really really busy.

Watch the video below. It doesn’t suck, well it sucks allot less.

Source is located here.

I hope this helps someone, Enjoy !

I’ve been told that the video has low audio as well as not being a very good tutorial. I’m sorry :slight_smile: I’ll try redoing the video.

Edit - As requested a better C++ Plugin tutorial, as in; not rushed, an explanation of things, better audio, more information. so enjoy. also there will be more tutorials on plugins on the way.

So thoughtful Saxon! I know it can be tough! Thanks for this.

We add some basic functionality to our plugin. We also go over how you would distribute it, and how the user would install it.
You can grab this episodes source code here :

:slight_smile: You’re welcome Peter !