Basic Personality Component W.I.P


I’m working on a component that combine animation modifications and interaction based on psychology,

It’s based on two axis Friendly\Hostile and Dominant\Submissive.

It will have a relationship system too, based on the actor preferences.

The characters are from Mixamo Fuse, the idea is that you can put it on any character with any animation blueprint.

Here some prints:

Hi, been thinking a lot recently how a product or tool like this is badly needed.
So let me ask, is this a future marketplace pack or a free tool or just ideas???

I’m not sure yet if I’ll put on marketplace or use somekind of donation, I’m waiting to see what the comunity thinks about it,
I’m Enjoying Develop this system, I’d implemented on another project that uses Advanced Locomotion System V4, and the results seems to be good, of course W.I.P, lots to improve…

Dominant: 0,5 Friendly: 0,5

Dominant: 1 Friendly: -0,5

Dominant: -0,5 Friendly: -0,5

Now it affects the actors in the facial morphers, body posture and relationship status: none, friend, enemy, love

The relationship is based on actor preferences that can be:
Genre: Male - Female - Both
Dominant: Some will prefer more dominant actors, others will prefer more submissive
Friendly: Some will prefer more friendly actors, others will prefer more hostile type
And it considers if the actor is monogamic.

Now I’m thinking about put atributes on inventory clothes, fancy clothes boost your Dominance, Armors could let you more hostile.
And another itens like drinks that can modify the personality atributes.

And of course implent all of this on a dialogue system that works with those variables.

For example:
Too submissive actors will have more dificult to talk to more dominant actors, etc.

Interesting… I think the community would be interested in this.
I know at least other dev that might be for sure @CoquiGames

This sounds interesting Paulo. I’m working on NPC AI and have heard several people ask about adding personality to the NPCs. You should make a video to showcase the behavior better! Also, feel free to join my Discord and show what you have to the community - you might get some good feedback :slight_smile:

Recorded now, it’s a very early situation, but I think this show the idea