Basic Pathfinding


I’m new to BluePrint, and i tried to make a simple path finding using the blueprint. Unfortunately, there is (or i can’t find) no tuto on the subject and no documentation on blueprint AI system…

I would like have a capsule who try to follow my character, i tried a lot of thing using this link. I followed the “difficult method” and the “easy method” of Lukasz Furman. But i was unable to move this capsule.

Here is a screenshoot of one of my try :

This BP print on screen : “3” and this “3” correspond to the “Aborded” status in the EPathFollowinResult enum.

Note : this BP was code without AI doc, so it’s maybe a very very bad blueprint for path finding

I hope somebody will be able to answer me :).

Ps : There is BluePrint reference web site ? with all blueprint definition ? (like for cpp).

Replace “move to” with “simple move to”
Add “Nav Mesh Bounds Volume” to your level and build it.
Bots/AI will never move to area that has no navigation info, and if you do not place nav mesh nothing has it.

It’s work, thank you :slight_smile:

Just to know, what is the difference between “AIMoveTo” and “MoveTo” ? And why AIMoveTo don’t work ?

If somebody can answer, it’s will be helpfull for my BP IA comprehension.

But the most important thing : My problem is solved thx