Basic options during import

It would be very nice if you include a cancel button when models tank during import. For example I am importing a road mesh it seemed fine in blender AND moto. Now it is just sitting there on the status gleefully stating “Importing”. Last night I decided to test a large mesh and it hung for 45 mins. on 75% until I force quit. In my experience it doesn’t take that long to import anything that is compliant with the engine… So a cancel option would be nice.

Yes, it infuriates me also to!!! :mad:

I’m mad as hell too! :mad:

although I don’t know why! :confused:

altho, I do wish they would put something up that showed whether it was loading & it was working. And although I think a cancel would be nice, cancelling would probably shut down the engine then you would be even madder because you forgot to save before importing. :slight_smile:
And you would have probably loaded a bunch of messed up and corrupted files, then you would be mad.

And just because it works in another software program doesn’t mean it will work in a game engine. And usually material importing hangs more than anything from what I’ve seen, takes it forever to import. I’d do materials in UE4 as much as possible, it handles creating them well inside the engine.
But if you are importing a huge mesh created in another program you can expect a long import time, plan on it and go do something else.

But otherwise, if it’s do-able, it’s not a bad idea and if it can be done, UE will do it if it’s at all feasible.

Hey Drixill,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion. I have submitted a feature request and we will look into implementing a cancel button in a future engine update.