Basic object in scene completely black

Hi - Rookie question. I have an empty scene with a directional light. I then drag a Geometry>Sphere on it, Convert it to static mesh and render light - The sphere turns completely black.
I read things like I need to generate an UV lightmap or so but have no clue if that’s the answer and what to do. Any help appreciated ! Thanks

Two recommendations from what I’ve read here:

  1. Use dynamic light until you’re getting ready to bake. If you’re at this stage, no need to bake.

  2. The mesh will also need a material. BasicShapeMaterial would do the trick.

With static lighting, you need a UV map for lighting yes. I believe there’s a way to generate them (at least there was back in the UDK days), but trying to use BSPs as static meshes probably isn’t the best way of going about this anyway, depending on what you are trying to do. These tools are for simple shapes and filling out gaps and blockouts at best, they are not intended for proper models.

Clear, thanks

You can use BSPs, no problem, as long as you make a lightmap in the mesh editor afterwards.

Also, better than BSP is Epic’s new mesh editor: