basic newbie question

Hi All,

I am learning a lot about the overall process of taking my 3ds max scene into unreal and lighting it. But there is something that I havent found out with all the reading and online info that I have been looking at. How do I keep my eye level ( 1st person shooter ) from falling off my ground plan to infinity?

Is there some sort of setting to the floor mesh or volume I need to add?

Any help would be appreciated.


The easy way is: go to the Static Mesh Editor from your Mesh, go to Static Mesh Settings and set Collision Complexity to: Use Complex Collision As Simple.

That will use the actual geometry for collision, but it’s far from optimal for making a real game, but good enough for just running around a scene you are designing to get a visual perspective.

For a game you’ll want to create collision meshes for the geometry, which you can do in the static mesh editor or you can create custom collision meshes by hand.

Cool. I will try that.
Thank you