Basic Movement Third Or First Person

hi, i have run into a an issue with ue4. i am just starting to use it. i am planning on making an action game either in first or third person. Can anyone tell me how to make the blueprints for the movement and animations or direct me to a tutorial? i have aldready seen lots but none of them are working for me. i do not know any C++ nor do i plan on making a game that needs it. Thanks in advance for your help. This is my first project so i am sorry if this a stupid question.

Download projects from the Learn tab in the Unreal Engine Launcher. There’s a lot of examples there. One of them is bound to be close to what you need and you can tweak it afterwards.

This link will show you the Epic series for creating a 3rd person game. I followed it when I was just learning and it helped me alot. Read through the Learn section under the documentation tab for help. Since you don’t know C++, just focus on any Blueprint literature and examples.

Search Youtube for ‘Tesla Dev’ for some easy to follow how-to with blueprints.