Basic Melee Combat

Is there an example to download or import to setup melee in the third person game? I’m hoping to avoid writing this from scratch with blueprint & anims to save some time. I would love if I could migrate in a few examples from fortnite. Thanks!

I remember Zak Parrish did a few tutorials using the third person template and getting his character punching using Animation Montages:

That’s fantastic! I’m hoping for prototyping to skip most of the implementation myself, but either way it would be good to do this. Would you know if the completed tutorial blueprints are available for download some place?

I haven’t seen the tutorial blueprints anywhere… but it is excellent training to follow along with Zak (excellent, excellent trainer) and build them yourself. The other assets (like the animations) that you’ll plug in as you follow along are available for download (link in the tutorial).