Basic Materialise Material

Thought i’d give something back to the community, It turned out I wasn’t able to get the Materialize function from the marketplace to work, because it appears to be locked to the absolute world z axis, meaning that the material won’t rotate with the model, which is annoying if your using it for something that needs to rotate, such as a summoned sword or maybe a spaceship that is de cloaking or something. so I decided to create my own materialize material. be warned it’s pretty basic, but you can add stuff to it to make it better. i’m using it for some summoned swords I have that appear when my character attacks ( bit like noctis from ff15), but you could use it for whatever you want. plus it’s free.


this is the material, you can see there are quite a lot of parameters, when you create your material instance from this material and apply it to your mesh, you will be able to swap out the textures as well as change opacity, shine amount and rotation ( cause you might have your uv’s going in a different direction, so it’s possible to rotate the effect to match the rotation of your uv’s ), you need to set the speed I the rotation node to 18.85 ( don’t ask me why, but it will allow you to scale the effect between the range 0 and 1 ), there are 3 paramter2d paramaters, base colour, normal and emissive. There are 3 scalar parameters, rotation, opacity and shine, all the scalar paramaters max value is 1 and min value is 0. you also need a texture sample that is a simple black white gradient, this can easily be created in photoshop with the gradient tool.


this is the material instance showing you the options I listed above.

Here is the function you will need to put into your tick event in your blueprint calling the function, remember i’m using this on a sword, so i’m casting to my sword bp to get the dynamic material instance called shine, if you have a different blueprint you need to cast to that.

don’t forget to set up your dynamic material instance in the blueprint of the object you want to materialise, i’m using a sword, this could be a spaceship, building or whatever.


you could make this effect a lot more interesting if you wanted to by creating a custom opacity mask and then lerping it with white, but this is exactly what I wanted for my purposes, if you have any questions or can’t get it working feel free to ask and i’ll help if I can. as I said it’s pretty basic but you can add to it if you want and it rotates with the model ( which is nice :slight_smile: ).

another thing forgot to mention for anyone starting out might not understand, you have to apply the material instance to your mesh, not the material

Nice work :slight_smile:

can’t seem to upload a gif showing the effect for some reason

don’t know what’s going on here but it won’t let me upload a gif showing the effect, is it just me or did the internet actually work better back in the 90’s?

here’s a link to the gif showing the effect, seems to be the only way I can show you what it looks like, cause this website refuses to let me post a gif.

Maybe .gif file format not supported but yet nice work bro and yes thanks…

I had the exact same issue with the Materialize VFX. While it’s a really cool effect, it’s also pretty limited because it doesn’t look correct on rotated objects. Thank you for sharing your solution!!