Hi All, i am new to UE doing Architectural Visualisation and having problem with materials.
Can somebody point our were i can download a VERY basic material i.e. metal,paint,plastic,transparent etc.
at the moment material asset in UE to too much Nodes to understand. Thanks for you help.Pinoy

There’s this…

But I’ve never used it, so I can’t comment. My experience with marketplace stuff is that they don’t give you everything that you’ll need. But this is a good start and might help you reverse engineer anything extra that you need.

You can start with free substances on

Make sure you have the substance plugin installed before importing these materials. You’ll find the plugin in the Unreal Engine’s marketplace.

Otherwise, when you create a new scene, you can add the ‘‘starter content’’ which comes with some woods, metals, bricks, glass, wall, etc.

:cool: Or you can try this package its come with good shader look at the video

Thank you guy’s Really appreciated.Cheers