Basic infinite world


I Have a idea of game, it’s not really complicated, the big part is the world.
The world will be composed of chunks like :
(Yeah i’m the new da vinci) Screenshot by Lightshot
So, here is how it should work:
When the farthest chunck is under a certain distance (let say 5*chuck_size) a new chunk is spawned, and when the farthest chunk behind the player is above a certain distance, it disappear, the chunks who get spawned
would be selected randomly.
Again, here is my Van Gogh -like painting talent Screenshot by Lightshot
It’s really basic, not really as it should be in fact
Here is how the blueprint should work
Tick -> Check for the last chunck alive, if it is above a certain distance it disappear -> check for the farthest chunk alive, if it is too close, spawn a new one -> repeat

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is totally possible using the new Large World Composition built into the engine, it will automatically load in levels as you get close enough and unload at the specified distance.

Here is an overview of how works:

There may be some tutorial videos out there, I am only aware of one by Elwick (but the tools have changed now so I don’t recommend it), but let us know if you need some more help with it, it is actually really simple to do, UE4 handles all of the difficult parts so all you really need to do is build the levels. :slight_smile:

It’s in UE 4.5 ?
I Just want to load some chunks of map, but the tricky part is that they are totally random, i mean, it loads an random actor blueprint everytime it needs to choose something

Search for level streaming. Combined with a random generator, shouldn’t be very complicated.

Can’t find any :c

It’s in the Content Example and is covered in the free Mini-Project I just released in the Community Content section of the forum!

Year, you totally can do it with World sytem without any issues.
Well, you can easily put randomizer in Level blueprint and each time you step into new chunk - it will randomize stuff for particular level

Any tuts/link ?

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I’ve found a tutorial, now i know how to load a level randomly, but ! How can i position it ? How can i make it disappear when the player is too far and make a new one appear ?
EDIT Got it working with blueprints instead of level streaming, but i could easily make it working with level stream, but got a Accessed none when trying to destroy actor, making a fast vi

Yeah sorry looks like level streaming would be better in your case for random levels, to position it you need to know the new level’s size and the size + location (world position) of the level that will be on the border of the new one.

Which tutorial did you find? it may be easier to help knowing how you are doing the streaming.

First, create the level manually, as if you were to create it for the entire world, but only go a few chunks out in each direction.
Second, look at the objects/entities that are actually in the overall level, controlling loading.
Third, set up a function on your own that creates more of those when needed, and removes those that are no longer needed.

Making a fast vid, made a simple example but i’ve got an accessed none error and bugs, to work that with level blueprint, i need to know a few things :
How to set the spawned level transform
How to kill the whole streamed level via a Single line trace by object

Here is the whole BP + Sorry for the vid, english isn’t my ****** language :stuck_out_tongue:

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I Tried to be as clear as possible. i don’t see what i can say more, there is video and screeshots !