Basic Infinite/Runner Example game in Blueprints

A basic runner type game made entirely in Blueprints.

Watch in HD:


The world moves to the player with random obstacles. The speed gradually increases over time. Player can collect coins and special pickups like Shield and Multiplier. I have also added a basic save system to save player highscore.

Very cool!
How did you get the world to be infinite and generate random obstacles & more level?


I like this!

a really good idea, well !

You can find a mechanism like this in Official Unreal Engine example which likes Flappy Bird. (I don’t remember it’s name :))

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

Hi Jon,

The world is broken into different pieces. Once they get out of the camera, they position themselves on the other side. Random obstacle generation is using Static Mesh sockets. :slight_smile: