Basic HUD and Buttons - Need Step by Step Instructions

I know this has been mentioned before but how do you create a basic HUD and Buttons? Even though I know Unreal 4 has put an example posted under their content HUD examples, it doesn’t show you STEP by STEP instructions how to recreate it. It basically assume we can pick it up by default and I’m a non-programmer. Currently, there is no real documentation or videos in how to create it from scratch.

This is for a menu but it’s created through a HUD blueprint.

It boils down to drawing text, or a texture, and placing a hit box over it. Then you call an event when the box is clicked on. If you want to enable the mouse when the menu is open (rather than having the mouse on all the time on the level like my menu tutorial), you can do it by calling the player pawn and getting player movement, the HUD blueprint map in the content examples can show you that in more detail.

How do you get Event Receive Draw HUD? I can’t seem to find it under the Event Graph. I’m assuming you need to set the HUD class under game mode setting.

If you right clicked in the content browser to create a blueprint, you have to choose HUD under the Actor drop down list in the Custom Class section, or just type in HUD.

I normally just click Blueprints at the top and create one there if I don’t already have one. You can also change the Parent Class by hitting Blueprint Props in the blueprint editor window.

Got it…thanks!

They really need to revised how HUD and Buttons are created. It’s really counter intuitive for visual people like myself. Creating buttons in Unity3D is far easier. Hopefully, future releases will be much easier.

They’re working on a Slate WYSIWYG editor, which will be far superior to the current blueprint improvisation.

Sweet! If they are updating with a Slate WYSIWYG editor, that would make it our life a little bit easier. Again, thank for the info. I’m still hammering away at your videos.