Basic homing projectile rotation problem


I’ve been trying to make a basic homing missile projectile to rotate towards the player character at a constant rate.

projectile BP:

My problem is that it only kind of works when the player is on the left side of the projectile. I don’t really know how to get past this issue. I have tried rinterp but the almost same problem occurs and I’d prefer rotating the projectile at a constant rate so don’t really want to use rinterp. Using rinterp almost works as intended but the projectile starts making weird turns when the player changes the side from left to right or vice versa. I have been struggling with this for the past couple of days and I can’t seem to get past this. Any help is appreciated.

Bump. So essentially when looking at this BP

the print node never gives any values over 90 or under -90. is that how look at rotation is supposed to work?

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