Basic help with smashbros-like game

Hello, this is what I currently have made:

  • Starts at menu
  • Choose character/ level
  • open level and spawn characters depending on previously selected characters

This is what I need help with.

  1. Multiple player controllers with one client
  • Have each IRL controller, (keyboard, xbone, ps4 controller etc.) be assigned a player controller. So if there is a keyboard and controller, two player controllers would spawn, and possess two procedural spawned characters
  • Start game where each player controls a different character with their device in the same client (when just playing locally)
  • Be able to connect to sessions as a single client with multiple player controllers, (eg, a client with two player controllers, (keyboard and xbone) join another client with one player controller (just a keyboard) giving three player controllers but with two clients))
  1. Launching Character
  • For some reason in multiplayer when I execute a launch character function on a character he stutters a bit, as in moves up and down suddenly but barely leaves the ground. Why does this happen? It does not happen when I replace launch character with jump.

This is my code for the non-working launching character:

  1. Animations
  • I’m trying to have animations similar to melee, that is, not necessarily smooth interpretation between the two but rather execute the jump animation for example the moment the jump button is pressed
  • Have hitboxes depending on animations. For example, a upward swing with a sword is executed, “turn on” a hitbox for the tip of the sword such that anyone who touches it receives damage
  • Have knockback depend on animations. For example when a sword from 0 degrees to 90 degrees (straight up) is swung, have upward knockback if hit at the beginning of the swing and backwards if at the end. (IE knockback tangential to movement)

Can anyone help me with any of these three problems? In order of importance 1 > 2 > 3

UPDATE: I’ve managed to somewhat get part 1 working. Bullet points 1 and two are delt with using create player function. But, it seems that the controller and keyboard default to player controller 0, I’d like to map all the controls of the gamepad to the second player controller, player controller 1. Is this possible>

Can anyone help me with any of these?