Basic help needed: Adding arrow to component.

Hi, I’m starting to program in UE4 and I’m struggling to create a very basic thing.

I’m trying to create a custom arrow component, it looks like an arrow but has a couple custom properties.

The idea is to add this arrows called “MySpecialArrow” to an actor, and then use them to ray cast and define actor behaviour etc…

I’ve tried to extend UArrowComponent, but it turned out too difficult, seems like arrow is not meant to be extended.

Now I’m trying to extend SceneComponent, but I’m finding difficult to attach an arrow inside it, only find tutorials on how to spawn components inside actors, what i need is to create a custom component that has a transform (rotation, position and scale), a render geometry (identical to the arrow component), and some extra properties I’ll add myself.

Thanks for the help, I’m trying to extend scene component but if there are more simple alternatives I’d like to know.

Hey try using UActorCompnent it should be easy to extend.

UArrowComponent can be extended but You have to export this class from the engine dll:

ENGINE_API class UArrowComponent : public UPrimitiveComponent

and remove "ENGINE_API’ at static void SetEditorScale(float InEditorScale);

Thanks, i tried using UActorComponent, but its not obvious for me how to set the its appearance to be an arrow.

I might just extend AActor or AActorComponent (if it exists) and add an arrow component to it, it’s well documented and seems pretty easy to do. Tks again.