Basic damage system

Hello, I am looking for to create a basic damage system for player character in melee combat system. I actually don’t have any clear idea. All I can guess, it can be done by detecting collision, specific type of collisions. So, if any body can describe the basic process and possibly post some blueprint or some tutorial links, that will be very helpful.

We’ll I think it depends on you’re game.

Eg for a game like wow or rpg etc where all you want is just to detect If you hit something and apply damage you can Use a simple way like collision boxes/spheres.

Eg one box for the body , one on the weapon then you just use the on begin overlap nodes.

Howether for more complicated combat where for instance you might want headshots or someone’s arm to fall off if hit in a certain area would require more accuracy and a lot of people switch to line casting for this with the length of the cast being the weapons range.

Rama from the forums has made a node that can linecast to specific bones which you can use .

Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. These will help me a lot.

Link to a tut I did on causing enemies to know you’ve hit them…I do the same thing in reverse for Alice…should give a rather clear idea how to go about it in less than 15 mins…I like to keep the videos short…

hope it helps…let me know if you’ve any questions…

Here is a basic tutorial about that topic: :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys. These will help a lot.