Basic Bus simulator projet (Beginer level)

Hi every one, i’m Andy, i’m a Senior 3D artist in life and a hardcore sim gamer (RFactor 2 , ARMA 3, etc …)
I’m totaly new to UE even if I have senior skill in traditional VFX / Broadcast area (cinema 4D / Zbrush / Maya …) i also have solid animation skill (Character animation and motion design).
I have no experience in Programming (despite some Action script basic thing and Php basic thing when i was a webdesigner, long time ago)

I would like to make a mini (but 3d) game with a very simple concept :

A bus driver game :

  • the bus will travel from point A to point B and then backward from point B back to point A (Primus - Terminus)
  • bus client need to be randomly puted at each bus station between the trajectory’s bus stop (just randomly at a first stage but later on will be driver by time/weather/day condition)
  • randomly create traffic jam (just randomly at a first stage but later on will be driver by time/weather/day condition)
  • the bus need to stop and stay at bus stop depending on how many client there are (ex : 1 sec for 1 client 2sec for 2 and so on, but the bus can just take the client he want and leave sooner )
  • the score system will be a ratio between the time spent from primus to terminus and number of client taken (later on fuel consumption will be added).

Since the graphic side (asset modeling and animation) is not really a problem for me so i’ll delay making asset etc for later. At first i need to have a functioning game mechanism with just place holder graphic.

i know how to :

  • Build and animate assets
  • Make a basic vehicle in UE (i don’t need Rfactor 2 or Assetto corsa physic level so i think i’m good :))
  • Make a check point (from Epic youtube channel)

I don’t know how to :

  • Randomly put client on bus stop
  • Randomly create traffic jam ( or even simply create a normal random car traffic)
  • Calculate the score ratio
  • MAKE A GAME IN GENERAL :rolleyes: the way how to create it , the pipeline, the entire game devellopement mecanics.

So i need help,please, on :

Finding any tutorial wich could be related to what i want to do
Having advise on whatever is linked to begineer simple game devellopement

Thank you :slight_smile:

So, ok for starting, can someone please tell me how to spawn a blueprint actor randomly on different target point, and also randomly in time (number of spawn). i want to make client appear randomly in each bus stop. thx