Basic blueprint class

Is every basic shape in unreal has default blueprint class? If yes, guide me to view it for basic_sphere ?

the pre-defined “Shapes” in the engine are inherited instances from UStaticMesh, and these are implemented in C++.
when you pull any static mesh into a level it creates a default AActor wrapper around it with a USceneComponent root that has the UStaticMesh assigned to it, so there is no default blueprint for these objects to point you to, as the “blueprint” only exists the moment you pull it out of the content browser.

All of that being said what are you trying to accomplish?

Nothing, just understanding the minute things in-detail. Thank you for the answer. Actually, I’ve deleted basic cube from /engine folder accidentally… while looking for its solution, came across these things. By the way, I still couldn’t get the cube back, even the solution of “VERIFY” button while launching engine isn’t helpful…button greyed out… Help me…Thanks in advance

the BasicCube looks to be coming from the ActorFactory which is C++ defined SoftObjectPath (basically if it fails that is ok, so the engine won’t crash mostly if it is replaced…)
the probable reason it is not allowing you to Verify has to do with those files “could be replaced, or they are not critical”

a method to kind of “force” the engine to verify through the Launcher, is to:

  • hit the drop down arrow and select “Options”
  • add or remove something which should force the engine to do a CheckSum towards the end of the process

Cube.uasset (16 KB)
put it into [UnrealEngineInstallLocation]\[EngineVersion]\Engine\Content\BasicShapes
(can also be reached by in the Editor, right click one of the other Basic shapes and select “File Explorer” which will immediately open the directory)

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