Basic Bird Flocking Behavior (boids)

A few months ago, I came across this article on bird flocking behavior and spent a couple of hours trying to implement something similar in UE4 (just for kicks, not for a particular project). The video above shows the result - it’s pretty basic and unoptimised but also pretty cool. A friend asked me to release it so they could check it out for learnin’, so now you can have it if you want. Just throw me a credit if you actually ship anything with it.

How is the behavior dictated in this? Are you able to give them specific locations to fly to, or around?

Hi Joe and thanks for sharing this with the community, it looks awsome and will look forward to peeking inside the implementation of this. Nice work!

The flock randomly gets a new location to move to together every few seconds, you could easily give them a specific location instead

this look so nice and add life to the scene :slight_smile: thanks a lot .

Hey, I just downloaded this but can’t make it work. The blueprint won’t let me assign any static meshes (the list is empty, and if I try to drag & drop a mesh asset the slot turns red. Apparently the blueprint is asking for a ‘static mesh component’ and not a static mesh…? What’s the difference? Running 4.22 btw.

Any update on this?