Basic animations within UE4 editor

Hi all,

Only a week into UE4, coming from Unity (just thought I make that clear :))

I have a few use cases that need basic animations, things like a clock pendulum swinging & gate opening etc. Now I could animate these within the modelling package but that seems like overkill to me and something that must be able to be done within the UE4 Editor. Coming from Unity I would have just created an individual animation within the editor and applied it to the model in question.

I’ve looked through the Cinematics withing UE4 and Matinee seems like what I need (but it’s labelled as Legacy). The other two ‘Sequence’ tools seem to be level based, not Actor based, so I’m unsure how these would work?

I’ve created a blueprint for my clock, so would like the animation part of this blueprint if possible. I may have clocks that don’t swing etc.

How is the best way to achieve this within the Editor?

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Try timelines: