Basic Animation

Hi, before i continue to mess my project i thought it would be nice to ask some advice.

I have a model which consist body parts like seen in old Tomb Raider and Minecraft. They are parented together and animated via keyframes in Blender. So what is the best, easiest and most efficient way to import this kind of animations? Animations are in one long animation sequence, and i would like to control the timeline with BluePrints. There is no bones or rigging included. Animation is huge topic in UE and im just asking shortcut to the specific topic.

Thx for the help.

Ok, i got it work. So there is now a complex character with 80 frames of keyframe animation (location and rotation), no bones or related stuff. But now UE4 importing seems to jam in some weird loop. Texts are rolling, but looks like it is rolling same stuff all over again.


I tried export meshes and animations separately but didnt make any difference. Im not sure should i wait the importer to finish the job or just crash it. Models and animations are in fbx format, exported from Blender. I tried to export and import a box with simple animations, and it did import correctly.