Basic animation help

Hi everyone

I am new to ue4 and I am trying to make some very basic first person walking animations. I have already downloaded the needed animations from the unreal marketplace, and so far I have used the following tutorial to try and implement these animations in my game:

Through this tutorial I have set up my character animation (so far just idle and walking animations) and the character blueprint for these animations. All this seems to be working fine.

There appears to be problems with adding the animations to the map though.

First of all, there seems to be a problem with combining my first person character with my player start. Meaning that I have a first person character which I can add the various meshes and animations to, but when I try to test it in game, the animation is not implemented for my played character. This suggests to me that unreal engine is not fully aware that my first person character is supposed to be the one that I am playing with. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this? (I am of course happy to elaborate on this, if what I have written seems unclear).

Further info (in case the above is insufficient):

Somehow my first person character label contains multiple meshes, which might be what is causing the problem (I have attached a photo of this to the post).
It is only when I change one of these, the one called “mesh” that the mesh of my played character changes. When I change the one called “Mesh1P” it changes the mesh of another character in the map. So it also seems that my FirstPersonCharacter is attached to multiple entities in the map. I hope this makes sense. I am not sure what further information might be needed to answer the question, so in this case please just let me know.

Kind regards
The Unreal engine noob