Basic Animation BP issue Can't Target custom rigged mixamo mesh for epic skeleton anims

I uploaded a customer blender MESH to Mixamo online rigger. Then i had to add in the missing rootbone to the skeleton to get Unreal Engine to import it.

Well I can import in the custom mixamo animations after I inserted in the missing rootbones for the animations to allow Unreal Engine to load them. BUT I don’t know how to set them up properly in the Anim Blueprint State Machine. Because these animations on Mixamo are different
to the ones the Epic Skeleton uses for its blendspaces.

I can’t find Jump_Start or Jump_End or Jump Loop animations on mixamo. I just find jump animations.

So i got weird things going on.

I’m using the Idle/Run Jump Start/ Jump End State Machine (the very basic one).

The idle animation plays but his idle anim is also walking extremely slow on the spot when not using the controls.
But when i move the player he moves around fast with velocity but still in the idle slow walk state…

So his Idle to Walk blendspace is not functioning right. I had trouble with trying to set up the blendspace for idle because when I put in Idle as the first one down on the bottom of the graph and then go and select his run animation to put it up at the top, soon as I let go of it at the top, it switches to idle and run is then found down on the bottom of the graph so for some unknown reason Unreal is reversing their places and I don’t know why. In the game, Jump works but soon as I press space to jump he dosen’t stop jumping. So I can’t turn this jumping bean off at the moment. I need to know how to shut the jumping off he should only be jumping once in the air…

The problem is Mixamo dosen’t seem to have the Jump Start, Jump Loop or Jump End animations so
I can’t shut his jumping animation off. And I can’t retarget any of the jump animations from the mannequin
because of retargeting skewing problems going on with his blender mesh. All i see is just tutorials on
how to set up BP AnimS with Retargeting, but I can’t use retargeting… I have to try to set this up manually.

I need some help to get the jumping right. I also need him to beable to get him to go from idle to running when moving him around, at the moment hes stuck in idle anim and just moving quickly with idle anim.

This is all I have in the Event graph of the anim BP.

I’ve never tried to set up a custom anim blueprint with custom mixamo animations using a custom blender mesh rigged up in
Mixamo before. Does anyone know how to set custom mixamo animations up with the animation BP? because its not going so well…
I could not set up the retarget of the animations from the epic skeleton to get all the blendspace animations for my commander
to use because the Blender Mesh has got some kind of Animation bug that distorts the targeted animations as soon as you try to retarget the
skeletons the commander’s animations from the retargeting always becomes all skewed and messed up. The only way I can find to
avoid this is to manually import in my own custom mixamo animations. But the only way they can be loaded in, have to put in the
missing root bone.

It seems to me that meshes made with blender just don’t like retargeting epic skeletons.