Basic Android Movement Axis question?

I just bought a top down space shooter pack similar to space invaders but it won’t move. I have packaged it for android and am using vitual joysticks. My question is what’s the input I have to use for movement in axis mode for android plz?

In the input category of project settings there should be a field for default TouchInterface under the Mobile category, this is where you can select an asset that could potentially represent the joysticks. You can select what the touch interface you create from scratch represents, to be any button, not just joysticks, but in the template projects, the default touch interface are the two joysticks, x and y axis. You can find the asset in your computer and copy and paste it to your project or “add feature or content packs” and add the third person or first person template to get Epic’s touch interface already set up to be the two joysticks.