Basic AI enemy in level design


I’m starting the adventure with level design and I’m at the stage of creating my first FPS level. I have already gone through many tutorials on how to design space for such levels and now it is time to test it with AI opponents.

What is an easy way for beginners to do this? I often find movies where developers program AI from scratch, which seems quite advanced to me at the beginning, I also found “FPS Game Starter Kit” on the EU marketplace, which seems interesting.

What is the best solution when I just want to put some opponents in a level and see if the level is playable?

all best

This is actually quite a big question. There’s no one best solution.

In the marketplace I’ve used the AI Behavior Toolkit is great success. It abstracts away a lot of complexity of using AI in UE4. Very easy to get something up and running.

In saying that, I ended up removing it from my game as my requirements were pushing the boundaries of what it was designed for and I wasn’t really connecting with UE4’s Behavior Trees.

Epic’s Youtube channel has pretty good AI videos if you take the time to sit through them.

Currently I’m doing my AI in C++ using the excellent AI tools UE4 provides minus the behavior trees.

I like the behaviour trees for AI, just simple find and take or chase atm but more complex behaviour should be doable