Basic 3Ds Max Rig - Helpers/Dummy on basic boxes


Very simple question, but cant seem to find anything from google or the help docs.

I want to import a bike with multiple objects linked to the specified helper/dummy so i can then “pose” the bike in Unreal. For example, turn the front wheel and lean the entire bike.

I have my basic rig in Max, its just 2 helpers. A Bike rotation helper and another helper for the front fork//handlebar section. Each helper will have multiple objects linked, with the fork/handlebar helper linked to the bike rotation helper in the hierarchy which will be the parent helper over all other helpers.

Ive imported this basic set up into Unreal, and i can see the skeleton mesh in the preview and i can rotate the handle bar helper. But how do i get this to translate to the actual bike asset in the scene? All im trying to do is have a way of positioning the bike in the way i want, so leaning over on the bike peg, with the front fork assembly turned to the side, exactly the same process i do in 3Ds Max.

Any ideas?