Base skeleton mesh + added skeleton mesh = Great animation ?


I’m ready to start animation on Unreal 4 but before making skeleton mesh in maya I want to know something !

Could we get a skeleton mesh and adding other animated parts ?

I see that we can put weapon in socket. So if I make a base character without arms and legs I can import skeleton mesh and put in in the torso socket and keep the possibility to animate the final character ? Oo

I don’t know if I’m clear…

Thanks a lot !

Not quite sure what you mean.
I suggest you have a look at the skeletal asset videos if you still havent.
Its a must watch for anyone dealing with animation in UE4

Besides that, can you elaborate more?

Yes ! I read this wiki before asking and I think it’s possible but I didn’t try it for now.

I want to modeling a Robot in maya and make it like that :

  • Torso with his own animations.
  • Arms with them own animations.
  • Legs with them own animations.

I want to import that all separates skeleton and put all on torso in unreal engine 4.

I think it’s ok with the socket system but I’m not sure.

Ok ! So we can close this thread cause I found the answer here :

All what I need !