Base shield for PvPvE : Need some graph help !

Hi everyone,

I’m a newbie in modding but really want to make some nice stuff for my community.
My first mod is a modified Tek shield Generator that would allow my players on PvPvE Server to have unraidable bases. Works perfectly but at the moment, admins have to connect and give the shield to the players, as we set our rules to 1 per tribe.
I would like to allow players to craft it themselves so we could save some time to the admins. But to allow that i need to add a Tribe limit for this structure, so i can be sure that there is no abuse.

As i said i’m new to modding, i’ve seen i need to add this feature through the Graphs but i’ve never done anything like that. And then if i could add a editable Var in gus.ini to modify the limit that would be perfect.

So if any of you could give me some advices on where to start to aim that goal, i would appreciate it a lot!

I believe it starts with a EventBeginPlay in my PrimalStructure BluePrint ?